Fight signs of aging and defy time

with Spacio Beauty’s Bio-Collagen Stem Cell Repair Facial Treatment

in 4 easy steps !

for only $58 per session

Achieve that Youthful Glowing Skin

Our Bio-Collagen Stem Cell Repair Facial Treatment gives visible results to these problems:

Fine Lines & Crow’s Feet

Puffy Eyes

Dull & Dry Skin

Our skin naturally ages as time goes by, the signs of aging gradually start to show on our face, making them look wrinkly, dull and haggard. It is time to turn back the clock and regain youthful skin we once had! Reduce facial lines, regain skin’s elasticity while whitening skin and lightening existing pigmentation with just 4 Treatment Steps!

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Generally cleanse face to rid off impurities on skin.

Deep Cleansing

Cleanse deeply to unclog pores.


Gently resurface dull, scarred skin into smoother, younger looking skin.

7-Day Stem Cell Facial Treatment

Whitens face while it reduces pigmentation, facial lines and circles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Then why ‘Bio-Collagen Stem Cell Repair Facial’?

The term ‘Bio-Collagen Stem Cell Repair Facial Treatment’ used actually meant to treat the skin using exclusive and effective products that can simulate the effects of the use of resurfacing laser – reduction of facial wrinkles and skin irregularities such as acne scars and blemishes, tightens skin while stimulating collagen growth, reverse and prevent signs of aging – minus the invasiveness, pain and side effects.

What are the mentioned ‘exclusive and effective products’ used?

We use Pro Renee™ products that has a long history of 13 years in the beauty industry. This prestigious brand is exclusive as the products contain exquisite ingredients and proudly patented compounds namely Aquagen® and Polyagen®.

Will my skin look red after the treatment?

It will depend on the sensitivity of your skin, you may be a little pink after the microdermabrasion or some of the cleansing. But you can speak to your therapists so she can guide you to what is suitable to keep your skin calm yet radiant.

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