Our wax gently removes hair from the root, so it takes more time for hair to re-grow. You can have hair free and smooth skin that will lasts much longer without getting worried about your body hair when you go to the beach!
IPL Hair Removal
IPL is a great skin rejuvenation treatment that helps those who have imperfect skin due to over exposure to the sun. IPL can treat a wide range of facial concerns and effectively, such as redness, freckles, age spots and uneven skin texture. IPL is an excellent method for hair removal. If you think about other methods of hair removal, IPL comes on top, but it must be stressed that it is a course of treatment and not a “one off”. The majority of hair can be sufficiently treated over a few sessions so that further growth is eliminated. All this means the best treatment plan is a series of 5-10 regular treatments followed by occasional maintenance (touch-up) sessions.

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