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Microalgae Complex


• All-rounded Supplement • Cleanse from Within • Boosts Immune System •

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Product Description

• All-rounded Supplement • Cleanse from Within • Boosts Immune System •

Spirulina (Blue algae)
Reduce blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure
GLA: stimulating prostaglandins, reduce menstrual discomfort and prevents cancer Inhibits of diseases, including HIV virus (AIDS)
Suppress chronic allergies and rheumatoid arthritis Increase good intestinal bacteria, assist in weight loss and skin protection
Control glucose levels: controls diabetes
Rich in iron, resolves anemia

Chlorococcum sp (green algae)

IFN: Hepatitis B, and C, increase phagocytic cells, anti – cancer
Growth factors: stimulate T cells, enhance immunity, anti-viral
DNA, RNA: patches gene cells, anti-aging
Chlorophyll and cobalt-rich minerals and B12: cleans, creates and replenish blood, strengthens liver and kidneys, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer
Balance hyperthyroidism system: thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis
Alkali food: neutral and acidic, reducing blood thickness
Chronic antibody: Assists western medicine problems Sterilization, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, deodorant, improve blood oxygenation

Haematococcus alga (red algae)
Carotene: Strengthens liver, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer
Super anti-oxidant: 10 times higher than carotene, 500 – 1000 times higher than vitamin E, 150 times higher than Q10
Anti-UV: Japan’s reknown ‘edible umbrella’ Prevents infertility Prevents senile dementia (Parkinson’s disease)

Recommended intake:
Physical improvement: In three to six months for a course

Children growth: combined chlorophyll and amino acids (12 years old & below: 1 pill a day after waking up)
Pregnancy supplement: complete tonic with no side effects (take 4 pills after waking up, 4 pills before lunch)
Life prolongment: boosts cell repair, anti-aging (take 4 pills after waking up, 4 pills before lunch)
Work socializing: purge alcohol poison, regain spirit, prevent being drunk (4 pills after waking up, 4 pills after drinking alcohol)
Take the pills with 500 c.c. of warm water.

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