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5 Skincare Mistakes
Jul 20, 2018

Skincare mistakes. We all make them unconsciously. Spacio reveals some skincare mistakes that affects the health of our skin in the long run.

Korean and French women have always been known to have flawless and glass like skin. The effortless beauty of the French and the impossible perfection of Korean complexions are enviable to say the least. While products play a huge roll in their flawless faces, there are several skincare habits that French and Korean women don’t engage in. What are they not doing that we are constantly doing? Read on to find out more.

  • Relying on makeup remover wipes

When you look at the prevalence of makeup remover wipes in American skincare versus Korean or French, you will notice fewer offerings among the former. While Korean and French women know that makeup wipes might work in a pinch every once in a while, they are insufficient for cleansing your skin properly. Spacio Beauty agrees that there are cleansing agents and surfactants in wipes help to break down makeup and debris. However, at Spacio Beauty, we do believe you actually need to rinse your face after in order to remove the layer of bacteria that wipes leave behind as well. The bacteria left on your skin can cause cystic acne and clogged pores in the long run.

Having a balm or cream cleanser on hand  makes it easier not to skip this incredibly important nightly skincare step. These cleansers will melt away every last stitch of makeup and only require a quick rinse before bed.

  • Usage of Insufficient Products

Washing your face and slapping on a moisturizer might be enough for a selective few out there. Nonetheless,  it is insufficient for majority of the ladies on the quest for beautiful skin. Korean women have made the 10 Step Method famous and we all wish that we are disciplined enough to keep to that regimen every single night. Spacio Beauty will be the first to admit that most of us don not nearly have enough time to apply ten different products every night. Though, it is undeniable that such a

Depending on your skin goals, whether you’re looking to brighten, clear up, or maintain a youthful glow — everyone benefits from an antioxidant serum and a moisturizing toner.

  • Falling into Bed with Makeup On

You can be forgiven for that one drunken night but it should not be cultivated as a habit. Not removing your makeup for the night clogs pores and oil glands. When makeup becomes impacted in pores, it makes them appear larger. Once your collagen levels decline, the pore won’t snap back as easily once it has been enlarged. Such situations can also lead to inflammation and clogged pores.

  • Leaving Skin Bare

Spacio Beauty urges you to immediately use an alcohol-free toner and moisturizer. Leaving the skin bare as short as one minute dehydrates the skin.  The air will evaporate the moisture out of the skin, leaving it dehydrated. Perform your skin care routine quickly and be sure to always leave your toner damp on the skin. This will leave your skin protected and hydrated. Furthermore, well hydrated skin allows greater generation of collagen to ensure ageing does not happen that early.

Having good skin care habits cultivate to having good skin. The above mentioned mistakes are some pointers women should be wary about. You would notice in a significant skin improvement once you practice the above.