Facial Deep Cleansing
A facial deep cleansing treatment is designed to nourish, improve hydration and circulation, as well as keep the pores free of excess oil and blackheads.
Exfoliation is designed to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin called epidermis that exfoliates dead cells. It speeds up the skin renewal process which allows new healthy cells to take their place.
Vapor spray
Vapor spray is designed to accelerate skin microcirculation, supply skin with moisture, and serve a function of sterilizing the water that leaves the skin smooth and healthy.
Facial Massage
Facial massage makes skin look extra glowy. It makes the skin look more plump and even-toned, and it reduces the appearance of fine lines. The effect is cumulative, so the more often you do this massage, the more benefits you’ll see.
Pigmentation Therapy
Say goodbye to age and pigmentation spots. A therapy that helps to reduce pigmentation, age spots, freckles and birthmarks leaving the texture and color of the skin natural and unchanged.
Baby Smooth Skin Therapy
When dryness strikes your face, baby your skin with baby smooth skin therapy that effectively exfoliate your face. It also intensifies the fine lines on your face, making you look years younger.
Pimple & Acne Therapy
If you’ve been struggling with pimple and acne for any period of time, you’ll be relieved to know that there are several effective treatments that can improve your appearance. We offer pimple and acne treatment therapy that will give you a clean and healthy natural skin.
Customized Facial Mask
Having a radiant skin is always important, customized facial mask hydrate and rejuvenate skin cells while penetrating enzymes and nutrients deep into skin. The facial begins with a thorough cleansing, extractions, custom serums, and mask. This treatment achieves incredible results.
Diamond Peel Dermabrasion
When dryness strikes your face, baby your skin with baby smooth skin therapy that effectively exfoliate your face. It also intensifies the fine lines on your face, making you look years younger.
Blackhead Extraction Facial
If you used to looking a little bumpy, consider trying an extraction facial. Extractions are made for removing the gunk from your face and you will get much faster healing of acne lesions and blemishes. Your skin ends up so clean and revitalized, satisfying about getting all of the gunk clogging your pores completely removed especially done by a professional beauty therapist.
O2 Oxygen Detox Treatment
Due to some factors such as natural aging process, environmental, and bad habits or poor hygiene, the oxygen levels in our facial skin declines. Re-up your oxygen levels with detox O2 facial to revamp, revitalize and hydrate worn thin skin. This intensive treatment is bespoke to cleanse, re-energize and de-stress your skin leaving your with a fresher and younger-looking face.
Collagen/O2 Therapy
A facial treatment that is ideal for all skin types providing the ultimate results based upon your skins specific needs. Micro peeling with collagen treatment shed dead skin cells leaving the skin softer, smoother surface, brighten your complexion, minimize pore size, and reduce discoloration, all with no social down time. This treatment can also reduce the appearance of very find lines and wrinkles.
24K Gold Facial Therapy
Nano gold fights off damaging free radicals to help prevent premature ageing. The application of a sheet of gold to the face improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles, blemishes and scars. Even ancient Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra, was said to use gold in her skincare regime.
Timeless™ Facial
Timeless™ Facial is a new treatment unique to Spacio TCM Wellness. It is a treatment for complete skin rejuvenation. Results include increased firmness, minimized pores, reduction in wrinkles, whitening, evening of skin tone and more.
Laughing Line Treatment
We all know that no one can escape aging. Laugh lines symbolizes a happy life full of joyful facial expressions. But as you age, these lines deepen, making you look older than you really are. If you’re want to erase those laugh lines and other facial creases, you can opt with our laughing line treatment that results to a younger-looking you.
Miracle Face Lift Contouring Therapy
When dryness strikes your face, this treatment tones the epidermis to restore an attractive facial contour. The result is a slimmer face, more refined cheeks and lifted skin, giving you an energised appearance.

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