The kidney massage can keep the function of internal organs in balance, upgrades human immunity, helps elimination of toxic & maintenance of countenance, slows the aging process & invigorates people.

When a practitioner massages on soft tissues, the acupoints are activated thus making all parts of the body coherent and in connection with each other through a system of acupoints. This can the stimulate blood circulation to promote the clearance of waste products in blood. Also, it can boost the immune system to reduce the frequent infections in Kidney Failure.

Benefits of Kidney massage:

  • Enhance Immunity: Massage can stimulate lymph flow of the body natural defense system to enhance the immunity.
  • Alleviate Back Pain Associated with Kidney Disease: Massage can decrease tension in the muscles and it makes the body increases the endorphin levels and this can help reduce pain and speed recovery.
  • Manage Bad Mood Activity: Massage can increase flexibility and range of motion by reducing hypertonicity and hypotonicity of the muscles which allow for normal ranges of motion to be restored.
  • Reduce Cramping Associated with Dialysis